Overhead automatic mult-axis crane for material handling

Cube is the multi-axis automatic for material handling designed by Spaggiari that allows "heavy" load movement and cycles during the machining phases.

It is an automatic bridge crane that can be customized to meet requirements, which responds to the need to automate processes with confidence and reliability that - if handled manually or with traditional systems - would be highly hazardous and costly in terms of cost and time.

Cube automatic cranes are used for handling and storing:

  • Stell coils
  • Biomass
  • Solid waste
  • Bundles of metallic profiles

Featuring the use of hardware and software components to ensure maximum reliability, Cube systems combine precision motion with high speeds, optimizing the ratio between weight and dimensions of the load units.

To ensure continuity of use without penalizing upstream and downstream operations, the Cube Automatic Crawlers are designed to work in either fully automated mode or manual mode, without having to deal with emergency situations such as breakdown Hardware such as PLC or drives.

The Cube Crane Lifting Groups are made up of special winches built entirely at Metalmeccanica Spaggiari, with all the necessary arrangements to ensure correct and continuous operation under heavy duty conditions (ISO M7 / M8 class). The winches are complete with parking brake sets and any additional emergency discs brake that ensure immediate blocking of the load in case of lifting motor and gear box failure.

Combinations of the drives with the measurement systems used make it possible for machines with significant masses and dimensions to reach a millimeter precision in positioning, utilizing the acceleration and deceleration ramps of the kinematics to the maximum. Thanks to his feature, Cube ensures maximum optimization of machine cycles and performance, ensuring longer service life in all parts subject to wear.