System with shuttles for semi automatic mini double pallet storage

The Double Automation System, with its semi-automatic pallet storage shuttles Mini Double and Mini Double Light, represents the innovative solution offered by Metalmeccanica Spaggiari for the storage of any type of product placed in pallets and containers inside warehouses high density.

The Double automation system is distinguished by its high versatility: the Mini Double and Mini Double Light are able to adapt to the different type of shelves automatically moving and optimizing the space available to ensure a perfect filing of volumes.
Storage in confined areas, together with a high number of movements per hour.

These semiautomatic shuttles represent the perfect solution for withdrawing, depositing and rearranging the pallets in all the shelving channels that can be used with a conventional forklift and can be manipulated by any type of forklift truck.

The Double warehouse automation system is suitable for FIFO (First In First Out), storage methods, i.e. the first pallet to be deposited is the first to be picked up. And LIFO (Last In First Out), which occurs when the first to be deposited and last to be picked up.

Performing supervisory software also gives the Double Warehouse Management system high flexibility management and efficient rendering.

Different possible sectors of use of the Double system:

  • Logistics Centres
  • Food & Beverage
  • Refrigerating cells
  • Controlled temperature environments (refrigerated cells)
  • Stores in general

Below are some of the many advantages that make the Double system and the Mini Double and Mini Double Light shuttles a real added value, indispensable for any automated warehouse.

  • Study, design and production entirely Made in Italy: the Double and Mini Double Shuttles are 100% made by Metalmeccanica Spaggiari and therefore marked by the high Italian quality;
  • Extremely easy to use in loading/unloading and high operational flexibility: the bi-directionality of these machines completely eliminates the problem of positioning direction;
  • Side equipped with anti-collision and anti-rolling safety devices with presence and out of position checking:
  • Adaptability to various types of shelves, thanks to the presence of horizontal guide/contrast rollers;
  • Easy positioning, even at the top of the shelving:
  • Shuttle implementation can be used for automatic mode in MASTER/SHUTTLE “DOUBLE” warehouses,
  • Self-learning on handling side;
  • Special photocells for “homing” and out of position “pallet” reading;
  • Optimum distribution of loads to shelves and increased grip, thanks to the support of n.8 wheels in motorized Vulkollan;
  • Multifunction radio remote control and presence of WIFI equipment with remote control and diagnosis.
  • Fast and quiet handling;
  • Power supply with lead-acid/lithium rechargeable AGM quick-change , quick-replaceable batteries, removable from the top through a suitable inspected box;
  • Presence of frequency converters capable of eliminating the voltage peaks that could occur in the movement and lift movements, to safeguard the batteries.

Difference between the two shuttles



Multipallet: automatically recognizes and manages pallets of different sizes: mm. 800x1200 (europallet), mm. 1000x1200, mm. 1100x1100, mm. 1200x1200.
Capacity:: 1500 kg.
Speed: 80 m./min.



Small in size compared to the Mini Double, the Mini Double Light is the perfect solution for pallet handling in warehouses where only euro pallets (800x1200), allowing space and time to operate.