Automatic storage system for long parts

Automatic Vertical Parts storage systems with traversing drawers represents the ideal Spaggiari solution for storing variable product sizes – such as bars, tubes, metal sheets – to allow them to be stored in important quantities within limited and perfectly manageable spaces.

The vertical Tube warehouse loading unit is in fact made up of a drawer disposed vertically on two or more towers with a single or double lift which can be equipped with one or more loading and unloading bays, either front or side. Depending on the need, the latter can be implemented with parcel lifters from the inside of the drawer and with jib crane or cranes, for a system that is extremely versatile in its use. Tube drawer is in fact also a modular solution, expandable to obtain significant capacity, with crane moves or special trans elevators.

Also the location of the Tube storage system meets various possible installation conditions, facilitating the company in its installation.
In fact, the robust metal of the Tube carriers can be placed inside the factory or made externally, as it is self-supporting, after appropriate insulation.
If the Tube Vertical warehouse is assembled externally to the building, in line with current regulations, all requirements regarding anti-seismicity and influence of weather conditions are met, carefully evaluating the possible exposure of the structure to the presence of wind or snow.

Even from the point of view of automation, the Tube automated Storage System reveals great benefits in optimizing and streamlining business processes. The WMS software developed by Spaggiari allows you to manage the operating logic of the machine, storing withdrawals and deposits, mapping drawers, and recording partial weights for each single reference.
A hoist link allows you to share this information with your business software to facilitate and automate some operational phases such as orders, compilation of statistics, or extraction of the updated inventory, for a logistics that is under control!