Certificates and quality

ISO 9001:2015

Metalmeccanica Spaggiari has always paid great attention to the quality of its products, processes and technologies: since 2010 the company has been recognized and - renewed every year – fully compliant with the stringent specifications imposed by the international standard ISO 9001:2015 (TUV intercert) which guarantees an activity not only with standards of excellence, but also according to widespread, controllable and repeatable methods in terms of structuring and production, to ensure complete customer satisfaction.
Metalmeccanica Spaggiari: has a complete range of quality solutions for transporting and storing materials.


Traceability materials

In order to ensure the quality of any products that leaves our company, Metalmeccanica Spaggiari has a system of traceability of all the materials and components used in production from sub suppliers. Each ferrous material is issued with its own casting certified material.

Process Certification

The same attention is paid to the processes: the design and construction of the machines, which take into account all load and calculation conditions, are carried out according to specific procedures, which are indispensable for obtaining the certification under the EC Trademark Legislation.
Every detail of this product demonstrating the quality of Spaggiari products is stored at our archives for the duration of the machine.

Welding Certification

The welding process, a fundamental activity in the assembly of machines, it has been certified both from the point of view of the process and from that of the professional welders involved: submerged arc welding and M.I.G. welding are in fact certified according to the norms UNI EN ISO 15614-1, whilst welders are certified according to EN ISO 9606-1 and EN ISO 14732.

EN 1090

In July 2014 the CE marking was introduced obligation for companies operating in the design and production of structural steel and aluminum components to market these construction materials.

Metalmeccanica Spaggiari has immediately aligned with the new legal provisions contained in UNI EN1090-1, ensuring the conformity of its products and projects with the required features.
Spaggiari can thus affix its marking CE on its metal component, a true system certification, ensuring the delivery of a quality product and complying with European standards.