Hoist and cable winch

The hoist and the cable winch represent the heart of the Spaggiari bridge crane and gantry crane. The choice of using a standard hoist or a cable winch is dictated by the use the bridge crane will be submitted to :

- In the case of “Light” or “medium” use it is recommended to use standard hoists (SWF, Street Crane, Donati) which are implemented on the bridge crane made by Metalmeccanica Spaggiari;

- In the case of ”heavy” and intensive use, the application of the cable winch is normally preferred, consisting of a motor /gearbox with parallel axles with its own drum (8/2 movement – 4/2 movement ) and cable, in addition to an independent external braking

Hoist and trolley guarantee the best available lift on the market and the best side travel to optimize space Ascending and descending movements are also designed to ensure the best ratio of fast and slow speed reduction.
Each component of the Spaggiari cable hoist has been designed for maximum functionality and durability over time:

  • The drum of large dimension guarantees minimal wear of the cable;
  • The disc brake with automatic adjustment does not require replacement for the entire life of the hoist.
  • The lifting motor is equipped with a temperature probe to prevent burning of the windings.

These are some of the advantages offered by Spaggiari lifting groups:

  • Kinematics calculated in the appropriate class according to the gravity of use;
  • Fully manageable inverter drives;
  • Possibility of inclined lifts without provoking problems on the cable winding thanks to twin cable guides which avoid winding problems;
  • Possibility to integrate a safety braking system (electro-hydraulic disc brake) applied to the drum, when using Spaggiari winch;
  • Possibility to implement monitoring systems for the main parameters of the hoist and cable winch: thanks to this control, you will be able to record the alarm records and working hours;
  • Provision of equipped systems for positioning hooks heights..