Overhead and
Gantry cranes

The Spaggiari overhead and gantry crane are used by those who need robust machines and are suitable for intensive and safe handling of large loads. They are therefore usable in the various industries of industrial production, without forgetting the most basic applications in the artisan sector.
For this reason, we produce standard machines, but also customized machines for specific requirements.

Our overhead and gantry cranes are designed and engineered entirely by our Technical office and are composed of , depending on load capacity and range from double or single welded box section gantry in dual or single beam versions.

The main horizontal welding are made with a specific automatic robot to ensure the best continuity and quality of the production, while the vertical and finishing welds are performed by internal welders with a qualification certificate.

No component of these machines are left to chance to ensure exceptional lifting and handling performance:

  • The running heads are equipped with wheels on bearings driven by pendulum reduction gear motors directly mounted on the wheels;
  • Motor and reduction gearbox are of primary brand, specifically designed for this use and provided for inverter operation to ensure accurate load positioning, avoiding dangerous oscillations;
  • Hoist and trolley guarantee the best available lift on the market and ensure maximum range to optimize available space. Ascending and descending movements have the best reduction ratio between fast and slow speed;
  • The large size drum guarantees minimal wear of the cable;
  • The disc brake, with automatic adjustment does not need replacement for the entire life of the hoist;
  • The lifting motor is equipped with a temperature probe to prevent burning of motor windings;
  • Electrical cabinets are made exclusively with premium quality components and fast availability on the market. All electrical connections are made with plugs for quick release to ensure perfect operation of the lifting system even in the presence of vibrations.

Here are some important features and benefits of our bridge cranes and gantry cranes:

  • Structure and kinematics calculated in the appropriate class depending on the gravity of use;
  • All movements can be operated by inverters;
  • Possibility of smooth inclined traction on the winding cable thanks to the presence of our twin cable guide;
  • Crane hoist carriage/winch with festoon or cable carrier (the latter more reliable in terms of wear and tear due to joints):
  • Possibility to install a gangway on the main beam of the double beam crane;
  • Double beam/single beam Crane wheels and of the trolley with conical shafts for a easy and quick extraction when replacing;
  • Possibility to install high-precision digital weighing systems as well as localized lighting systems in case they are operating in low light conditions;
  • When using the winch, Spaggiari, available on request, braking system (electro-hydraulic disc brakes) applied to the drum;
  • The vertical plates of the box section beam do not deform due to the webbed and reinforced internal structure;
  • For bridge or gantry cranes we can supply additional horizontal guide rollers to be used on the heads, so as to reduce the risk of wear on the lip of the wheel.
  • Possibility to implementing systems for monitoring the main parameters of the hoist/winch that can provide alarm records and working hours to the customer;
  • Provision of systems for access control for hook positioning in height;
  • Possibility of supplying double winch or hoist trolleys;
  • Possibility of special surface protection with special paints depending on the environment used;
  • Possibility to use reliable anti-collision systems for machines as well as for tracks on different levels;
  • Possibility to use crane and zone limitation systems in the presence of offices or forbidden areas inside the building;
  • The beams of a bridge or gantry crane can be constructed in one piece or with bolted flanges so that they can be transported by sea container.


  • Type
  • - Double beam Crane
    - Single beam Crane
    - Gantry
  • Capacity
  • From 1 to 60 Ton
  • Range
  • up to 32,00 m
  • Hook Range
  • Up to 20 m
  • Speed
  • Variable up to 120 m/min
  • Traversing speed
  • Variable up to 60 m/min

  • Controls:
  • With remote control
    With hanging keypad

  • Classification according to UNI/ISO 4301:
  • Lifting mechanisms
  • FEM from M1 to M8
  • Running mechanisms
  • FEM from M1 to M8
  • Traversing mechanisms
  • FEM from M1 to M8

  • Place of use:
  • - Internal - normal environment
    - Internal - presence of dust
    - External

  • List of commercial components used:
  • Hoists
    - SWF
    - SEW
  • Special winches
  • Traversing and running kinematics
    - SWF
    - SEW
  • Frequency Drives
  • - SEW
    - OMRON