Transfer for
transporting coils

The transport system proposed by Metalmeccanica Spaggiari represent a ground transport system to optimize the transfer of heavy and bulky materials to a production area, internally or externally, between the various stages of machining. The use of this system is indispensable in order to optimize production cycles in a fundamental way, avoiding unnecessary costs incurred by means of transportation and consequent downtime.

Perfect for replacing forklifts or cranes in the transport of metal sheets, profiled, metallic coils and whatever it would be costly to handle with traditional means, the Spaggiari transfer system consist of a metal construction structure supported by four or more wheels, including a motorized part.
Many years experience in heavy lifting and heavy transport has led Spaggiari to improve these machines, guaranteeing their extended lifetime thanks to a robust and oversized construction.

Versatile in their use, the Spaggiari transfer system can work with ground rails on straight tracks, as well as on request we can analyze transport systems on curved paths thanks to the expertise of our technical department and the skill of our Production, always available to meet specific needs.
Transfers for Spaggiari Carrier coils are in fact tailor-made according to specific needs and always equipped with all the safety systems required by law

The mode of operation of the transfer carriers can be either automatic or manual, with the operator following the push-button or radio control. In the case of automatic operation, all the attention has been given to safety in the design phase: the machine is equipped with "scan laser" safety systems or, otherwise, is operated in a segregated area


  • Capacity
  • From 10 to 100 Ton
  • Width max.
  • Up to 3,00 m
  • length max.
  • Up to 12 m
  • Speed
  • Variable up to 60 m/min

  • Controls:
  • With remote control
    With hanging keypad