Lightweight and heavy carpentry work

Metalmeccanica Spaggiari meets the most varied requirements for light and heavy duty metal construction high quality and precision.

The mechanical machining of third parties represents the starting point, the first nucleus, from which 40 years ago Spaggiari has made the first steps in the direction of a know-how that now sees one of the reference realities in the design and construction of Industrial machinery for handling, lifting and storage of goods.

Metalmeccanica Spaggiari pay attention to every step of the metal construction, with particular attention to cutting, folding and welding, aware that they are the basis for the success for an excellent job.

As regards to welding, in order to preserve the characteristics of the material used over a long period of time – Spaggiari personnel – welders holding a Qualification Certificate (the so called Patentini) – evalutate and implement from time to time the type of welding. More suited to the specific context, whether it is M.I.G, Arc welding, T.I.G. or other.
Modern interior machineries allow us to optimize the work by making it flow smoothly, dynamically and precisely every step of the way: we can build bare metal construction as well as finished and pre-assembled structures complete with precision machining such as turning and milling. An internal spray paint booth also allows us to provide rough and painted metal construction with processes suitable for different purposes of use.
The materials we use in our machining are all with certificates of origin and traceable over time.

Competent and competitive Spaggiari also offers quality beyond mechanical machining, i.e. consulting, experience knowledge of the industry, materials and needs. These are the factors that allow our staff to assist you in suggesting any improvements to the project being delivered to optimize production cycles and achieve the highest quality result together.